Re-using protective masks

4. April 2020


Currently there is a great need for FFP2 and FFP3 masks and Christof Industries has developed a modified medical waste treatment device to allow these masks to be disinfected for reuse. Depending on the classification, the masks are either treated at 121oC for 20 minutes or at 134oC for five minutes. The first devices have already gone into use at hospitals, while Christof is expanding the production of these urgently needed devices.


sinTion being used to Treat Protective Masks

Christof Industries is providing free of charge to Styria’s healthcare facilities a device produced in Graz for sterilising protective masks. This device will help to address the urgent need for protective masks, in particular in hospitals. Extensive tests have been carried out in the past few days, all of them positive, which is now enabling the treatment of urgently needed FFP2- and FFP3-category masks to enable them to be re-used. This will go a long way to ensuring that hospitals have access to sufficient quantities of these masks.

The sinTion device, which is produced in Styria by Christof Industries, has so far been employed successfully in 18 countries. The sinTion method is listed by the renowned Robert-Koch-Institut in Berlin as an accredited disinfection process. sinTion is compact: a unit takes barely a square metre of space and is approximately one metre tall. It requires nothing more than a high-voltage power connection, a water inlet and wastewater outlet. sinTion is easy to install and to use. The test results indicate that around 150 masks can be prepared for re-use per hour. The treatmentcycle lasts just 16 minutes and reaches temperatures of up to 134°C .The device is being installed in the central sterilisation facility at the University Hospital Graz in the course of the day. For proprietor Johann Christof, this offer is both a contribution for the benefit of the population at large and a gesture of gratitude for the hospital personnel for their outstanding work and achievements: “We are indebted to the employees at our healthcare facilities, who are providing an excellent service for the people in our country” said Johann Christof.


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