Rainbow photovoltaic

11. April 2018


Up to now, there has been little scope for varying the design of photovoltaic façades in terms of colour. However, using active glass façades from PVP Photovoltaik, it has now become possible to print PV modules with any desired colour. The underlying structure remains invisible and the modules are ideally matched to their surroundings. The base layer of the Rainbow Façade consists of modules of mono crystalline cells, with the upper glass layer individually colour printed.


Facade Module

PVP glass modules transform facades & building envelopes into a solar power plant.



  • Glazing of staircases and elevators
  • Second-skin facades for commercial and industrial construction
  • Facings for timber facades
  • extrem langlebig durch spezielles Glasverbundsystem
  • Visual and noise barriers
  • Restoration of facades

We realize our photovoltaic projects together with our partners with a high degree of professionalism. Individual module sizes are realizable depending on the project requirements. Monocrystalline cells show a unique appearance on the facade because of the deep black color! PVP modules are the alternative to glass facades. PVP was the first company worldwide that received the national technical approval of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt): for glass modules with PVB and EVA compound.

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