Pump specialist Bauer opens plant in Brazil 

The Austrian Bauer group has opened a modern factory for the production of irrigation systems, 200 kilometres north of São Paulo.

In the company’s “Bauer do Brazil” plant, pivot plants for the irrigation of a total area of 14,000 ha/year as well as Rainstar drum irrigation machines for 5000 ha/year will be produced starting now.
About 200 kilometres north of the Brazilian city of São Paulo, the Austrian Bauer Group has opened a new factory for the production of irrigation systems. In the plant, covering 37,000 square metres, Bauer now produces of pivot plants and Rainstar drum irrigation machines. The aim is to be able to cover the ever-increasing need for irrigation systems in Brazil. Already 20 years ago, Bauer started up a small production unit for pivot and drum machines in southern Brazil.
After careful consideration, São João da Boa Vista, located 200 km north of São Paulo, was chosen as a base, surrounded by extensive agricultural areas and close to the large cultivation regions of Mato Grosso, Goiás, and Minas Gerais as well as the future growth market Bahia.
In a further stage of development it is also planned to manufacture equipment for the wastewater division (separation, pumping / stirring technology). For the time being these are imported from Austria. With this production site, Bauer also expects export business to the surrounding neighbouring countries of the Mercosul region.


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