Be a part of the Green Tech Cluster

Become part of this innovation hotspots and take advantage of the various benefits!

An investment that pays off!

The activities and services for cluster partner companies aim to increase competitiveness and to establish the location as a top region for energy and environmental technology with the design of key trends. The Green Tech Cluster Partnership offers a top network of leading companies and research institutions of the Energy and Environmental Technology, and an attractive range of services:

The annual fee for the Green Tech Cluster partnership is:

  • 0-15 employees: € 750 / year
  • 16-40 employees: 1,400 € / year
  • 41-100 employees: € 2,400 / year
  • 101-250 employees: € 4,100 / year
  • more than 250 employees: 5.900 € / year
    (Each excl. VAT)


Start-ups as a cluster partner

Start-up companies with a focus on energy and environmental benefit for 3 years of preferential partnership contributions:

  • 1st year as a partner: € 1 per month (12 € per year)
  • 2nd year as a partner: € 1 per week (51 € per year)
  • 3rd year as a partner: € 1 per day (365 € per year)

Cancellation of the partnership is possible anytime, also see the General Terms and Conditions Green Tech Cluster

For registration, please contact