Hydropower stations

Electromechanical equipment for hydropower stations, including turbines, generators, and additional equipment; modernization of existing hydropower stations, pumps (for water transport, irrigation, and applications for various industries)

– Large new installations
– Modernization and renewal
– Small and mini hydro
– Thermal power generation
– Ocean kinetics
– Marine technology

– Hybrid solutions (Renewable energy source plus combined power and energy storage system)
– HyBaTec (Hybrid battery solution for hydropower)
– Penstocks and gates (Design for hydraulic steel structures)
– Turbines (Pelton, Franics, Kaplan, bulb and pump turbines)
– Valves (Valves for safety, maintanance and shut-off as well as flow and pressure regulation)
– Generators (Compact design, high efficiency and long life characterize the generators)
– Electrical Power Systems
– Automation
– Hydromatrix (Innovative approach for low head hydropower stations)
– Tidal current turbines

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