VillaVOOn is a purely wooden house based on our patented wood connector system with special focus on regionality and sustainability.

VillaVOON – created for sustainable individualists.

Visions happen.
Sometimes unexpectedly. They are like little miracles. They show us new possibilities and broaden our horizon. A bit more. Places, buildings and spaces that fascinate us are sources of energy for our everyday lives. This is also true of the VillaVOON, which heralds a new era in natural wood construction.

What this vision looked like?
Simple. It was the first thought of a villa for individualists and nature lovers. For people who not only want to live beautifully, but also very personally. Through the modular design possibilities and the sustainable and resource-conserving construction method, it becomes the perfect framework for life, tailored to personal needs. The VillaVOON is not pre-designed, it is given an individual form by each of its owners, who breathe life into it. Based on the use of a single material that appeals to all senses: wood. Pure nature.

Visions often lend wings.
But they also need roots and grounding.In the case of the VillaVOON, in the form of a return to old, traditional craftsmanship. Paired with new, modern technologies and the best in their respective fields, the vision has now become reality. The VillaVoon is born. Give your life a new form! And claim your slice of nature.

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