Techmeter's big data analysis of patent and literature data provides creative input and shows different views and outlooks from different perspectives. When you spot trends early, you gain valuable information before everyone else.

Our Techmeter Innovation Portals (technology and data portals for technology, business and society), Techmeter Regional Analyzers and Techmeter Green Technology Analyzers are browser-based software solutions. What is special about them is that we developed a complex algorithm with which we can identify, analyse and evaluate emerging technologies, using all global patent data. Emerging technologies are a central key to innovation. This outlook on trends provides an information advantage. A retrospective view of dynamics provides the basis for predictions. Valuable and often surprising information is revealed during the identification, analysis and evaluation process. This is why our Techmeter innovation portals are used in various fields.

For R&D DEPARTMENTS, they accelerate the established innovation processes and offer creative solutions and special detailed information.

They support COMPANIES WITHOUT SPECIAL R&D DEPARTMENTS, because they offer easy access to information about innovative technologies, materials, suppliers and research partners.

They enable EMPLOYEES to quickly check themselves whether their ideas are patentable without going through mountains of paper records, because they provide structured, electronic patent data.

They help MARKETING SPECIALISTS to evaluate the market potential and analyse the competitive environment.

They support STRATEGY EXPERTS in recognising emerging key technologies early.

MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTIVES benefit because innovation takes place in a logical, objective and data-driven way with an information advantage of 200 weeks for technology development, independent of personnel resources and personal preferences.

ECONOMIC RESEARCH, LOCATION RESEARCH, MARKET RESEARCH etc. receive additional input because of the new research methods of the Techmeter big data patent analysis. Connections immediately become visible.

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