CrossPower: Energy consultancy, Engineering, Research and development

State-of-the-art concepts and solutions for a sustainable energy supply

Energy consultancy
When called upon to provide consultancy services, we start off by taking stock of the current situation. This process of evaluation and assessment takes into account the present circumstances while also considering future opportunities and allows us to draw up a proposal that best fits our customer’s interests. We always come up with a holistic, sustainable solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders as well as the environment.
Our engineering service includes complete 3D system modelling as well as the recording of pre-existing and potential electrical consumers in load profiles. This then enables us to review the financial situation, with due consideration given to the feed-in and reference tariffs. A final report is produced which outlines all the technical and financial issues that are relevant to the time period under discussion.
Research and development
R&D is a core part of our work. Right now, we are busy working on the technology of tomorrow. That’s why we make sure we keep a close eye on the scientific developments and debates that will shape our future. We are especially keen to explore the potential, not to mention the possible applications and uses, of renewable energy sources and renewable power supply systems, as well as combinations of these to meet the needs of sector coupling.

The practical results of our research and development can be seen in our product innovations as well as the development and refinement of existing simulation and design tools.

Austria has set itself the goal of meeting its electricity requirement entirely from renewables by 2030. To achieve this ambition, a new legislative package is currently under consideration in the guise of the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (Erneuerbaren-Ausbau-Gesetz, EAG). We see this as an important scientific investment and a major contribution towards the future of our planet. And we, too, intend to play our part.

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