powerfusion plant engineering


Let‘s change the world together with sustainable energy.

Generating energy from renewable sources is the only way to guarantee our survival on earth in the mid to long term. There is enough basic research and ideas. Practical applications are installed, but the speed of implementation is too slow.

We are inspired by all those who are looking for sustainable approaches to meet their energy needs. We see a slow awakening in Europe. But the most exciting approaches are currently coming from countries in Africa, Asia and Australia. There, the need for change is not only recognised, but solutions are also being worked on a high level. We are driven to participate, to learn and to transfer the insights and the mindset to Europe and especially to Austria.

The path to self-determination leads through independence in energy matters. When you look into the eyes of customers who proudly show how much electricity they produce themselves with their own small power plant, it becomes clear how important a piece of independence is.

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2351 Wr. Neudorf, Österreich
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Kurt Hosinger
Chief Technology Officer
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