BioDiesel plants

BDI’s customized BioDiesel plants work with the multi-feedstock process developed in-house. This enables a wide variety of feedstock (waste oils and fats as well as fresh vegetable oils) to be converted into valuable biodiesel.

In contrast to conventional BioDiesel processes, the use of BDI RepCAT technology allows us to avoid costly processing of by-products. In addition, the use of a recyclable catalyst significantly improves the quality of the products (BioDiesel and glycerin).

BDI has developed its RepCAT technology for processing raw materials with a high proportion of free fatty acids (FFA). This innovative process can transfer raw materials containing up to 99 percent FFA. The specially developed system allows the catalyst to be reused within the process, which significantly reduces operating costs. A further advantage compared to other industrial processes is the production of absolutely salt-free glycerin of distilled quality. The RepCAT process has been positively evaluated for the use of high-risk fats (definition according to EU Regulation No. 1069/2009) by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Technological competitive advantages
– Maximum raw material flexibility – no limits to FFA content in the raw material
– Technically maximum yield
– No waste of which to be disposed from the process, but instead reusable or saleable by-products
– Exceeding all applicable BioDiesel quality standards
– Many years of international experience in large-scale industrial implementation

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