Automatic charging system for electric vehicles

The VOLTERIO charging system revolutionizes the "refueling" of electric vehicles (BEVs), as well as plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) through an automatic conductive connection system.

This system consists of the ground unit, the VOLTERIO charging robot and the compact vehicle unit, which is integrated in the vehicle underbody. As soon as an appropriate vehicle is parked approximately above the charging robot, it can be charged fully automatically at any time with AC or DC with almost no loss of power. The heart of the system is the VOLTERIO plug, which is self-centering and 360-degree pluggable and thus makes this cost-effective robotics possible in the first place.

The automatic charging system is not only a huge convenience gain for electric vehicle users, but a necessary key technology for future autonomous driving electric vehicles and robotaxis.

VOLTERIO was only founded in Graz in 2016, but now counts the world’s largest car manufacturers and the world’s leading automotive suppliers among the customers to whom the technology is licensed.

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