Abandoned sites

ferroDECONT Ltd. offers extensive competent solutions for safeguarding and decontamination of abandoned industrial sites, as well as the treatment of heavy metal polluted industry and process water.

Your advantages with us:
– Cost saving
The high costs for remediation of abandoned sites can be significantly reduced by our process. The mobile and compact concept of the treatment plant eliminates the initially high investment costs for a stationary infrastructure. Our Pump & Treat method guarantees quick operational readiness and promises rapid improvements in the pollutant situation of aquifers.

– Low effort
Groundwater contamination can be secured easily and with little effort, which prevents the soluble pollutants from spreading further.

– Reduce soil excavation
A remediation using the ferrodecont method can eliminate the need to excavate soil.

– Space-saving design
Established operational processes are not affected by the compact design and the mobility of the treatment plant.

– No increase of salinity
The cleaned water can be discharged more easily due to the low salinity and thus ensure an environmentally friendly approach.

– Remote monitoring an maintenance

– Save resources

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