Green Tech Magazine | November 21

Green Tech is booming!

The statistics from the Green Tech Cluster economic survey have a clear message: The Green Tech sector is booming. Every tenth company plans to double in size this year. The sector has left the crisis behind it faster than others.
The opportunities to be part of this rapid sprint to catch up are open to all of industry – all it requires is the decision to
transform to a climate neutral company.

The Green Tech Cluster demonstrates both the potential for savings and the huge business opportunities that can be
expected. Examples of three flagship enterprises show how the transformation to a CO2 neutral business is a recipe for

Today, we stand on the brink of another major transformation in the energy sector: New doors are opening in hydrogen technology, in the energy economy, trading and industry, and in the mobility sector. And Southern Austria is in pole position, as can be seen from the Hydrogen Research Map of Austria – it is the #1 Hotspot for R&D!

Once again, a lot has been happening down in the Green Tech Valley. So, you can look ahead to even more fascinating
innovations and collaboration projects.

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