Green Tech Magazine (May 2020): Green Hydrogen

Climate change still remains one of the most pressing issues. Which technologies are available for the fight against global warming? read


Green Tech Magazine (December 2019): Ahoy, climate protection!

Climate change – some are even talking about a “climate emergency” – is the dominating topic of 2019. Young people are demonstrating for more serious climate protection measures and corporations are starting to change their mindsets. What needs to be done?  read


Green Tech Magazine (May 2019): Green Urban Life

How Graz puts the new city to the test, Green Tech Jam is Hotspot for young green talent, Lifestyle check: How green is your lifestyle? read


Green Tech Magazine (December 2018): Local Energy Communities

The electricity and heating market is changing and the energy grids of the future require unprecedented flexibility to integrate renewable energy. read


Green Tech Magazine (May 2018): Climate Power

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his native Styria are united in protecting the climate: then every fifth kilowatt-hour of green electricity generated around the world is produced using hydro, biomass or solar power plants from the Green Tech Valley. read


Green Tech Magazine (December 2017): Visionary Grätzel cells

The companies in the Green Tech Valley have their sights firmly fixed on leadership in environmental technology. In the December issue of the Green Tech magazine, you will discover a host of “World’s First Projects” full of innovation, pioneering spirit and expertise fro read


Green Tech Valley Guide 2017/18

The Green Tech Valley Guide contains in its 180 pages over 400 cutting-edge technologies from SMEs and large leading companies. read


Green Tech Magazine (Issue 1, 2017): Artificial intelligence

Feel the wind of change from the Styrian power to innovate in the spring edition of Green Tech Magazine. read


Green Tech Valley Guide



Green Tech Magazine, Issue 2 2016 100% Green Heat

Solarthermics, biomass technology, industrial waste heat utilisation and seasonal storage systems. read


Green Tech Magazine, Issue 1 2016 Recycling

This is where green innovation grows! The role of the cluster Eco World Styria is evolving and so is, after eleven years, its corporate identity. read


ECO WORLD MAGAZINE (Issue 2 2009) Market Opportunities, Master of Value, Mobility Plan

An increasingly global issue is waste, in which Styrian companies are pioneers and trendsetters on the path to a genuine circular economy read


ECO WORLD STYIRA (Issue 2 2012) In citizen hand, Inspired, Ideas in biomass

History shows that major processes of change are closely related to social changes. The same holds true regarding the change towards clean and sustainable energies. read


ECO WORLD STYRIA (Issue 1 2012) Predictions, Pioneer, Pilot Start-ups

Innovations shape our lives and our futures. It is particularly the ideas and visions realised in the fields of science and technology... read


ECO WORLD MAGAZINE (Issue 2 2011) Global Trends, Generators, Green Energy

“The future interests me far more than the past, as I intend living in it.” This quotation by Albert Einstein could easily be applied to environmental technology. read


ECO WORLD MAGAZINE (Issue 1 2011) Growth, Global Class, Global Premier

Due to the tragic incidents in Japan, the development of energy efficiency and renewable energies is what is called for now. read


ECO WORLD MAGAZINE (Issue 2 2010) Integration, Invention, Innovation

En route to becoming “Green Tech-Valley”, ECO WORLD STYRIA has also managed to attract companies and research institutes as co-owners in order to strengthen the customer focus. read



The Styrian energy and environmental engineering companies of ECO WORLD STYRIA were elected the worldwide best environmental engineering cluster. read





ECO WORLD MAGAZINE (Issue 1 2013) Energy storage – Empower – Efficient Buildings

The implementation of the energy turn around is not going to be a sure-fire success. read


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