Pioneer in biodiesel technology celebrates 20-year anniversary 

The Styrian plant engineering company BDI – BioEnergy International AG celebrates its 20th anniversary in the presence of numerous international guests.

In the future, BDI intends to continue to set technical milestones by exploring new fields of business, such as the production of algae biomass.

Dr. Edgar Ahn, Member of the Executive Board, CSO: “I hope that BDI will continue to maintain its inventive spirit and motivation of the last 20 years and be fully committed to the demanding but worthwhile “land of new opportunities”. I am proud to be a part of it. “

Wilhelm Hammer, Founder: “20 years of active entrepreneurship, characterised by a clear vision and a continued willingness to break new ground, have made BDI the world market leader. Further diversification and making use of its unique strengths will continue to be the biggest challenges for BDI. “

Dr. Christian Buchmann, State Minister for Economic Affairs: “The development of BDI is a real success story. Since its foundation, the company has developed into a leading company in Styria and an international market leader. The people at BDI are constantly working on new products and are thus living up to the motto of the Styrian economic strategy, ‘growth through innovation’. I congratulate the entire BDI team on their 20th anniversary and wish them all the best for the future and continued success.”


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