PCCL Investigating Reliability of PV Modules 

Research priority “plastic materials for solar energy applications” of Kunststofftechnik Leoben is upgraded with over 1 million Euros for innovative photo-voltaic projects.

In the framework of a three-year project endowed with over 1 million Euros, the PCCL – Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH will examine the long-time performance of photo-voltaic modules. Innovative analysis and ageing methods are employed to optimise the use of plastic materials in photo-voltaic modules here and to achieve an extension of their useful life and an increase in efficiency, but also in cost-effectiveness in this way.

The use of innovative plastic materials for such modules, says PCCL project manager Gernot Oreski, has been regarded as one of the key factors for the further distribution of photo-voltaic applications for quite some time. For the general manager of PCCL, Mr. Martin Payer, the numerous cooperation projects with renowned companies of the plastics and photo-voltaic industries confirm the practical relevance and the great future prospects of these research activities even today. Another current main area of research concerns thermotropic plastic materials the material-specific properties of which change at overtemperature.

Source: PCCL / 24.01.2011