Spalt Elektrotechnik- und Maschinenbau GmbH
Schrems 105
8130 Frohnleiten, Österreich
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As a repair shop of electrical drives with 30 years of experience, we guarantee a technically mature and professional repair directly on site or at our company. Thanks to our flexibility, we ensure a fast and reliable service at our company or on site. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we ensure the high quality standard of our services. We can offer our performance for absolutely every model, completely independent of the age and make of the machine.

Our core competences are:
• Repair and service of electric drives
-AC motor
-DC motor
-High-voltage motor from 3 to 12 kV
-gear box
-dry type transformer

• Balancing of rotating machine components
The “large” balancing system offers the following options:
-max. speed ​​with 3000 rpm
-max. diameter ​​with 1900 mm
-max. bearing distance of 6500 mm
-max. piece weight with 6000 kg

Balancing system “klein” offers the following possibilities:
-max. speed ​​with 8000 rpm
-max. diameter ​​with 1600 mm
-max. bearing distance 2380 mm
-max. piece weight with 1200 kg

• On-site service: service and repair of electric drives on site
Analysis of the actual condition: We check the machine, make vibration analyzes and determine whether bearing damage exists. The actual state analysis provides detailed information about the general state of the respective machine and allows us to prepare further work steps.
After completion of maintenance or repair, we also take over the assembly and commissioning of the machine. We make a precise laser-optical alignment, do balancing on-site as required and carry out the electrical installation.


Products & Services

Service and repair on site

Many maintenance and repair work on electric motors can only be carried out on site. Our employees in the field of technical service solve these tasks flexibly and competently.


Balancing and balancing work

We are also your ideal partner in balancing work: we balancing rotating components, such as pulleys, flywheels or flanges, weighing at least 3 kg. You profit from our experience and the know-how of our team.


Repair shop for electric motors and pumps

Whether at work or on site: We offer the technically mature, reliable and professional maintenance or repair of your electric motor or your pump.