S.O.L.I.D. Gesellschaft für Solarinstallation und Design mbH
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S.O.L.I.D. Gesellschaft für Solarinstallation und Design mbH


SOLID is a turnkey provider for large solar heating and cooling systems (>500m²) and thermal absorption machines.


Founded in 1992, the Graz-based solar technology company SOLID has developed from a regional specialist into one of the world’s leading suppliers of large solar heating and cooling systems (>1MW). SOLID is your competent partner for the planning, construction and operation of large-scale solar thermal systems worldwide with more than 300 reference projects. The areas of application range from hot water preparation, room heating and cooling, to process heating and cooling as well as solar district heating. SOLID is manufacturer-independent and uses only state-of-the-art products.


Products & Services

Consulting Services

SOLID offers know-how about solar thermal technology, financing, energy supply strategies, market development


Absorption heat pumps

(Thermal) absorption heat pumps can be used for heat recovery through flue gas condensation and industrial waste heat utilization.
Services to offer: Specification, Procurement, Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Optimization


Turnkey solutions for large solar heating and cooling systems

SOLID develops, designs and builds solar thermal systems worldwide


SOLID assembles, operates and finances solar systems. A costumer just purchases the generated solar heat or cold to a defined price


Success Stories

The world’s largest solar thermal cooling facility

Desert Mountain High School in Arizona is home to a very large solar thermal cooling plant, designed and constructed by the specialised company SOLID. 4,865 m² / 50,000 ft² of collector area and a cooling capacity of 1,750 kW / 500 tons are used for cooling the building. Currently it is the most powerful solar cooling system worldwide.