Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH
Roseggerstrasse 12
8700 Leoben, Österreich
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Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH


PCCL is concerned with R&D in the field of polymeric materials for active and passive solar energy utilization, light-weight structures (e.g. e-mobility), sustainable water supply systems (pipes) and biopolymers.


The Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) has led collaborative research in polymer technology and polymer science in Austria for more than a decade. Our hundred and more experts carry out R&D in diverse polymer applications, including automotive, aerospace, packaging and solar energy. We also draw on the expertise of academic specialists from the University of Leoben and the Universities of Technology in Graz and Vienna. Since it began in 2002 PCCL’s research has focused on the performance and functionality of the polymer products. Our scientific approach is focused on systematic experimental studies – whether in the functionalization of surfaces in extrusion experiments or mechanical characterization – and advanced simulation and modeling tools. We address all stages in the creation of polymer based products, including the chemistry and molecular structure of polymers, the development of processing technologies, and the final performance and functionality of products and parts. This is possible through an extensive network of expert research partners providing access to specialized polymer chemistry labs, polymer processing pilot plants and a material testing laboratory, all in addition to PCCL’s own state-of-theart laboratory.
As experts in the field of plastics engineering and polymer science we are concerned with investigations of polymeric materials for active and passive solar energy utilization.


Products & Services

Smart Windows and Façades

Overheat protection, synthesis and characterisation of thermotropic polymer films for applications in façades, windows, solar thermal collectors

R&D Solar Heating; Photovoltaics

Polymers for solar cell encapsulation, accelerated ageing, reliability and lifetime modelling, material characterisation and selection



Polymeric composites as lightweight solutions for energyefficient (electric) vehicles