M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH
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2000 Stockerau, Österreich
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M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH


The disposal and preparation of different types of solid and liquid waste provide large logistical, technical and organizational challenges for cities and communes. M-U-T addresses precisely these issues and offers universal solutions from one source


M-U-T is an international industry company with own planing, engineering, manufacturing, sales and start-up of machinery and plants in the sectors of conveying technology, municipal vehicles, water- and waste water technology, environmental technology as well as for the technical equipment for laboratory equipment for schools and universities.

Due to our trans-sectoral product range and a therefore big Know-How and experience for more than 80 years we are the only company in Austria and a pioneer in this complete solution competency in the terms of recycling economy.

From collection of the waste containers right from peoples privates homes, conveying, sorting, treatment and utilization of waste as well as treatment of water and waste water, we are the supplier of a great concept for increasing living standards of a whole city – the Green City.

M-U-T – Technologies for a clean future.


Products & Services

Conveying Technology

M-U-T conveying systems are used in virtually all industry areas, where the efficient and cost-saving transport
of piece goods and bulky goods is needed.

Water- and Wastewater Technology

The business activities spread from manufacturing to the delivery of individual components, to the planning, implementation and start-up of entire turn-key-projects.



M-U-T offers instructional and training projects for the education at home and abroad, e.g. in schools, universities and factories.

Environmental Technology

M-U-T is the only Austrian company possessing the competence for a complete solution („Green City“) in the area of environmental technology.


Municipal Vehicles

In the field of municipal vehicles, we score with a broad range of products in waste collection and the disposal of solid and liquid waste as well as street and sewer cleaning.