KWB – Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse GmbH
Industriestraße 235
8321 St. Margarethen an der Raab, Österreich
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Contact: DI Dr. Helmut Matschnig +43 3115/6116 0

KWB – Kraft und Wärme aus Biomasse GmbH


Products & Services

KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating system 2,4 – 35 kW


KWB Combifire log-wood and pellet heating system 18 – 38 kW

Flexible and safe heating

- 40.000 times tested and proven combustion system with a cast underfeed burner
- Convenient emptying of ash into a dedicated container
- Clean combustion with two independent combustion systems sharing 1 heat exchanger


KWB Multifire wood chip and pellet heating system 20 – 120 kW


KWB Classicfire log wood heating system 18 – 38 kW

Reliable and traditional heating

- Large fill area
- Low emissions
- Proven firing concept


KWB Powerfire wood chip and pellet heating system 150 – 300 kW

Quiet power package for reliable heating

- Compact rotary-grate combustion system
- Cyclone combustion chamber for minimum emissions
- Convenient 240-litre ash container


KWB Pelletfire Plus pellet heating system 45 – 135 kW

The robust pellet heating System for economical heatings

- CFD-optimised silicon-carbide combustion chamber
- Clean combustion Crawler burner


Success Stories

Innovative leader for biomass boilers

With its fully automatic biomass heating systems, KWB has for years focused its business on the use of renewable and efficient sources of energy. Heating with pellets, woodchip, firewood or even olive stones also opens up possibilities for utilising all kinds of biomass and for achieving considerable cost savings.