Komptech GmbH
Kühau 37
8130 Frohnleiten, Österreich
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Mag. Joachim Hirtenfellner
+43 3126/505 550
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ECO Large business
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Komptech is a leading international Technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source.

The product range includes over 30 different types of machines, that cover all key process steps in modern waste handling – shredding, separation, and biological treatment.

By combining the right products from our own portfolio with proven components by other leading manufacturers, we can deliver solutions to address complex challenges.

The focus is always on innovative technology and solutions that ensure the maximum customer benefit.


Products & Services

Screening and separation technology

Screens, star screens, windsifters, ballistic separators


Shredding technology

Pre-shredders, universal shredders, post-shredders, chippers


Composting technology

Compost turners, universal mixer


Success Stories

Green efficiency in waste management

The world marked leader Komptech specializes in both mechanical and mechanical-biological solid waste treatment, as well as in the treatment of biomass as a source of renewable energy.