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Bioenergy 2020+ GmbH is a centre of excellence for technologies in the field of bioenergy research and development in close cooperation with industry and scientific institutions.


BIOENERGY 2020+ GmbH offers research, development, demonstration and other services in the field of biomass to energy to its customers. Part of its activities are executed as K1 centre of excellence, where the centre focusses on pre-competitive, industry related research funded through the COMET programme.
The centre’s research activities cover all relevant technologies for the efficient and environmentally friendly provision of fuels, heat and power from biomass. In addition, the centre also researches options for the industrial, non-energy use of biomass, e.g. the production of primary products for the chemicals industry.
BIOENERGY 2020+ is organised into four areas. Three of them represent the technological fields of expertise.

These are:
– biomass combustion systems
– biomass gasification systems and downstream syntheses
– biogas and bioconversion systems

In a fourth cross-cut and interlinking area we look at:
– sustainable supply and value-added chains
– automation and control of thermochemical processes and thermal systems
– CFD modelling of thermochemical biomass conversion processes
– Smart and micro grids


Products & Services

Biomass gasification systems

By thermal gasification we exploit a variety of biogenic and non-biogenic resources for the production of producer or synthesis gas. This technology plays a central role in our vision of a modern and sustainable energy supply.


Analysis and Measuring Technology

Measurement data and analysis results are essential to technical research and development. Our well-equipped laboratories and test plants form the basis for our investigations and calculations.


Cross cutting topics

- Sustainable supply and value chains
- Automation and control
- Modelling and simulation
- Microgrids


Biomass combustion systems

Our expertise ranges from fireplaces and stoves through small scale boilers and on to large biomass combustion systems. We cover all relevant research and development fields for biomass combustion and biomass-based combined heat and power (CHP).


Bioconversion and biogas systems

The core competence is the further development of biogas technology due its's capabilities to valorise residues and waste to supply storable energy from renewable resources.