One-Stop-Shop-Recycling-Solutions for metals 

Individual solutions for metal waste

Waste materials are valuable but to manage and process the materials know-how and technology is needed. We are a consortium of experts in the field of waste management coming from industry, research, and public authority. Together we provide you with the perfect One-stop-shop recycling solution for your individual need in the field of waste management and technology.
Our One-stop-shop circular and recycling solutions for a wide range of waste fractions derived from Austrians excellence in achieving one of Europe´s highest recycling rates. Waste fractions and waste systems are highly diverse; therefore, we like to provide solutions, which are specially adapted to your initial position.
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Metals are both a widely and diversely used material (packaging, building material, vehicles, electronic devices, etc.). The recycling of the commonly used metals aluminium, iron, steel, and copper has been well established for many years. The potential, which can be realised through the separate collection of packaging, has to be classified as small. A contribution many times greater can be made through the reclamation of metals from industrial waste.

The increased recycling of metals from combustion residues and the development of processes which allow the automated separation and sorting of the kinds of aluminium and high-grade steels with different alloy components, offer particular possibilities for an increase in metal recycling. The recycling potential of the so-called “seasoning metals”, i.e. metals, which are used in smaller quantities, have hardly been utilized so far. (BAWP 2017)


Therese Schwarz
Green Tech Cluster