Once more the most efficient vehicle comes from the Green Tech Valley 

Shell Eco Marathon 2014
A total of 200 student teams from Europe and Africa were pitted against each other in Rotterdam with their specially developed vehicles.

Each of them was attempting to establish the most fuel-efficient vehicle, with a range of different drive concepts. Around 40 of the teams were entered in the Battery Electric Prototype category, with approximately 30 passing the technical acceptance.

10 rounds had to be covered with the vehicle over a road course. A minimum average speed of 25km/h had to be maintained. During the run, the energy consumption over the course was measured, to calculate how far the vehicle could go with 1 kWh of energy, or with the energy of 1 litre of fuel. The team with the greatest range was the winner.

Magic moments for TERA
Each team could make four runs to achieve the best result.

On TERA’s first attempt problems arose with the newly developed solar system. And we had to make do without the energy of the sun. Nevertheless, we reached a considerable range of 836 km/kWh, and were in first place at this stage, despite not having the solar support that the other teams could use during this run.

Then the second run had to be abandoned. A manoeuvre by a competing driver restricted our driver Xenia Kogler and pushed her on to the track barriers. Fortunately, as fellow team members held their breath, it was soon established that neither the Fennek, nor Xenia had suffered any harm.

The last two test runs followed through without any problems and the photovoltaic system also provided the necessary energy boost, which helped us to victory, taking us to first place with a range of 1092km/kWh. Converting this to the energy equivalent of a litre of premium petrol the Fennek could achieve a range of about 9700km/ litre.