Novel advanced solutions for the light source of the future 

The “Green Photonics” segment draws together applications to generate efficient lighting, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The associated technologies range from photovoltaics to light diode (LED) illumination, optical sensing, energy-efficient communication technologies and energy and resource-efficient laser production techniques.

Our activities in the field of green photonics technologies aim to provide our customers with total solutions, from optical simulation and prototyping to supporting transfer to large-scale and cost-effective production of optical structures and components for light coupling, light direction and light control, e.g. for white-light LEDs and photovoltaic modules.

The design and development of customised optical systems and components actually combines three disciplines: the optical design, the production of optical components and the optical characterisation of these components. It is important to incorporate aspects of optical engineering and design within this, even in the simulation in terms of targeted virtual prototyping.

Source: Joanneum Research