New turnkey waste treatment plants

With the establishment of a new German subsidiary, based in Wetzlar, Hessen, REDWAVE is consistently expanding its expertise as a leading provider of sensor based sorting machines and turnkey sorting systems for recyclables, complementing the range of solutions for mechanical-biological waste treatment. The subsidiary was founded in 2015.

The service offering of the Waste Division within the REDWAVE group includes extensive consulting and engineering services and in particular turnkey waste treatment facilities for the simultaneous conversion of waste to alternative fuels and provision of usable recycled materials, based on automated, mechanical processing and sorting technologies.
This also has the fall-back option of biological drying of waste, which results in substantial improvement in sorting capability, particularly for humid and heavily organic waste. The product quality provided is therefore further improved and the potential turnover of waste for alternative fuel and recycled products increased.

Another focus is the provision of turnkey solutions for environmentally friendly composting of organic waste, such as kitchen waste, food waste and, increasingly, digestate from anaerobic digestion plants for biogas production. In order to use these materials as valuable compost, special conditioning systems are required, which first of all mechanically free the waste from contaminating products, such as plastics and metals, and then biodegrade it under controlled conditions. Final mechanical processing, by sieving and sifting procedures, ensures the required grades of high quality compost.

Source: Redwave

Green Tech Cluster - waste treatment plants - Photocredit: Redwave
Green Tech Cluster – waste treatment plants – Photocredit: Redwave