New strategy, goals achieved, and new ones set

24. September 2020


The Green Tech Valley is the world's leading hotspot for Climate & Circular Solutions and the incubator for new benchmarks in technology, such as the most efficient hydropower plants, tailor-made wind power generators and leading recycling systems for batteries. This is a win-win combination of climate protection with regional growth.


Climate protection and economic growth

Embracing the maxim of Growing a Green Future Together, the Green Tech Valley brings together more than 220 companies to develop and focus accumulated expertise for a climate-friendly future. Graz based ANDRITZ AG is a global technology leader in hydroelectric power plants. “More than half of our sales come from products for the renewable energy sector and environmental protection. We are very proud to be part of the Green Tech Cluster, which combines and accumulates the globally recognised strength in innovation of environmental technology companies,” said Andritz AG CEO, Wolfgang Leitner. Almost 20% of the green electricity produced has its roots in technology that emanates from cluster companies. Within just 10 years, the energy and environmental technology companies in the cluster have tripled their sales to over 5 billion Euros and doubled employment.


5 year targets exceeded: Research workers by +50% and innovations by +17%

The Green Tech Cluster is an incubator for new products and services, including online platforms for digital waste services, innovative approaches for LED lighting and the successful start-up initiative, the Green Tech Hub in the Science Tower in Graz. These three initiatives are representative examples of the 117 environmental technology projects that have emerged and been implemented amongst the Green Tech Cluster team over the last 5 years. This has more than exceeded the initial target of 100 projects. One of the knock-on effects of the strong cooperation between business and research is also the number of research workers in environmental technology at Styrian universities and research institutions, which has grown from 1,200 to 1,800 over the five-year period. This momentum will be reflected in innovations of tomorrow generated under the white and green crest of Styria.


New strategy: Consistently 100% for a greener future

The number 100 is a common thread throughout the history of the Green Tech Cluster. In an international comparison of Excellent Cluster Management, the cluster was awarded the highest rating of 100% by VDI/VDE Berlin, making it the number one amongst 1,000 clusters audited across four continents. The Green Tech Cluster wants to see the Valley grow further and is aiming to add an additional 1,000 R&D workers to the location and intends to initiate a total of 100 million Euros in collaboration projects over the next five years. This should enable the Green Tech Valley to continue its growth path as a global hotspot for Climate & Circular Solutions. The growth will be focused under the following themes: integrated heating transition, green gas & hydrogen, energy districts, digital value chains, new sorting technologies and battery recycling.

In addition, the cluster provides support, through R&D project development, technology trends, market opportunities and global contacts, towards achieving the Vision 1.0.0.: 1 earth, 0 additional greenhouse gases, 0 waste.



Silke Traunfellner
Green Tech Cluster
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