New power-to-gas process

2. August 2018


The Montanuniversität Leoben is working with partners from industry and scientific research on new ways of storing surplus energy from regenerative energy sources that fluctuate strongly. By means of a power-to-gas process, renewable electricity can be stored in the form of chemical energy carriers, which are typically hydrogen or methane. While conventional power-to-gas systems are based on the electrolysis of water with an optional subsequent methanation step, the aim of the research is to combine the relatively recent technology of co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O in solid oxide cells (SOECs) with catalytic methanation.


Development of a stationary electricity storage system via high temperature co-electrolysis and catalytic methanation

Conventional Power-to-Gas systems (storage of surplus electricity in CO2 neutral gases) operate with electrolysis of water and optionally with subsequent methanation. With the flagship project HYDROMETHA a novel, fully integrated system of CO2+H2O high-temperature co-electrolysis (Co-SOEC) and catalytic methanation will be developed. The interconnection of these processes, as well as component and operational optimization will allow a significant increase in conversion efficiencies above 80%el. Due to system simplifications, increased lifetime and durability, as well as optimizations of the process chain, essential cost reductions and thus enhanced market potentials are expected. Additionally, operational strategies oriented on real energy market requirements, including part-load, stand-by and load-following operation will be developed, and the core system of high-temperature co-electrolysis with coupled methanation will be built up, characterized and tested in the form of a 10kWel function carrier. Due to the participation of five reputable industrial LOI partners, a strongly market oriented development can be achieved from a very early state of research.



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