New plant for high-quality raw materials 

Sorted, crushed, separated and recycled as pure grade raw materials. This is the route that WEEE follows with Saubermacher. The facility, which deliberately makes use of the existing infrastructure at the Upper Styrian transport hub, enables full recovery of various secondary raw materials from up to 20,000 tonnes per annum of used or broken small electrical appliances such as mobile phones and toasters etc.

Flexible technology for WEEE raw material store. The particular advantage of the system lies in its technical flexibility. The production process can be individually adjusted to the resulting material flows, for example, a separate sluice for mobile phones. This is particularly important as the composition of the small domestic appliances is constantly changing. Valuable secondary raw materials can be recovered from the various devices such as steel, zinc, metals or plastics. This typically requires between 10 and 15 treatment steps. On average, about 85% of the waste input is returned as raw materials and about 10% is incinerated. The secondary raw materials are mainly used in plastics recycling and metals smelting. Contaminated components, such as capacitors or batteries are removed and disposed of properly or recycled through special procedures.

Green Tech Cluster

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG
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