New markets for Circular Economy 


Due to the legal framework of the circular economy package, a large number of challenges will be brought to waste management in the future. By 2030, a recycling rate of 75% for plastics and 65% for residual waste is to be achieved. Furthermore, there are strict requirements for landfilling, such as the reduction of the deposit to 10% of mixed household waste and a general ban on the landfilling of recyclable or separately collected fractions. Changes are therefore particularly in demand in the collection and treatment of waste.

Austria has been working on waste management issues since the 1980s. The technical advances are made to a large extent by the Austrian companies and enable environmentally conscious and economically responsible waste management in Austria. On the other hand, ambitious environmental standards and regulations are also relevant for the current waste management situation. Particularly in the area of ​​recycling (eg sensor-based sorting, development of new processes and machines) and re-use, Austria has developed strongly in recent years.

The newly set goals, however, bring new challenges to the individual companies and also to the public sector. In order to solve this, technical and waste management know-how as well as cooperation between companies and the public sector are required.

The planned business delegation trip to Prague organized by GTC and WKO Austria should enable an exchange between the Austrian and Czech companies (B2B talks possible) and inform about the current and future waste management situation of both countries. In addition to the B2B talks, there will also be opportunities to speak with representatives of the public sector and thus initiate export and cooperation opportunities.


Therese Schwarz
Green Tech Cluster