New life for used batteries 

SecondLife Batteries

System for using used batteries of electric vehicles as stationary energy storage.


The project “Second Life” deals with the development of battery storage systems from old e-car batteries. These storage systems are particularly important in view of the growing share of decentralized, generated by fluctuating renewable energy sources and the integration into the power grid.

Isolated SecondLife batteries are already connected to power distribution networks. These ensure that the frequency maintenance control power is guaranteed, ensuring that the customer is provided with exactly the amount of electrical power they need. When smoothing load peaks in power consumption, also called peak shaving, or energy recovery in an industrial context, the storage system is not yet tested. For this reason, the project also includes building and testing large-scale storage for these applications.

Developing technical and market-relevant components is also part of the project. These include a portable rapid analysis device for determining the state of health of a battery, a tool for comprehensive residual value determination, an automatic memory dimensioning and a benchmarking performance indicator system, which provides recommendations for reusability. These components make the most of the potential of SecondLife battery systems.

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Reinhard Ungerböck
Grazer Energieagentur