Most ecological food discount store based on AHT technology 

Lidl recently opened Europe´s greenest discount store in the beautiful Valby district of Denmark´s capital. The extensive environmental measures have been evident right from the start of construction, with, for example, locally sourced recycled materials being used for the site and even the site construction water being recycled several times. A green roof absorbs approximately 50% of the incident rainwater and also provides insulation, while capturing the CO² equivalent of some 30 trees.

It naturally follows on from these green initiatives in construction, that the equipment in the store is also based on sound environmental practice. The lighting is based exclusively on energy saving LED lights, and the complete refrigeration and freezing system uses the latest all-new and extremely environmentally friendly AHT units! Yet another VENTO Green installation has therefore been installed, incorporating VENTO shelving units using propane refrigerant, where waste heat from the shelves is used directly for the underfloor heating in the store. The complete chest freezer installation is also supplied by AHT and its potential for energy saving similarly incorporated into the overall system.

For the first time in Europe, this comprehensive environmental endeavour for a supermarket has been awarded the highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification for sustainable building. It is gratifying for AHT that the green strategy of its the customer Lidl, for responsible use of resources, relies on the innovations of AHT, and it represents a clear mandate for AHT to continue on the path it is forging in environmental awareness!

Source: AHT Cooling Systems