Magazine: Visionary Grätzel cells, predictive maintenance & upcycling 

Leading in Green Tech


The companies in the Green Tech Valley have their sights firmly fixed on leadership in environmental technology. In the December issue of the Green Tech magazine, you will discover a host of “World’s First Projects” full of innovation, pioneering spirit and expertise from Styria.

The organic Grätzel cells are being used, for the first time worldwide, as large surface area transparent energy glass for solar power generation – a milestone in the scaling up of this technology, from the Global Energy Prize Winner 2017, Prof Michael Grätzel. The world’s largest pumped storage power station, with core technology from Styria, also sets a new “World’s First benchmark” as do the new recyclate grades in plastics recycling.

The path to technology innovation is changing. This issue will also help you keep abreast of which tools you need for agile development of user-focused products and services, and be ready for the growth opportunities in predictive maintenance.

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Andreas Pompenig
Green Tech Cluster