Landfill Mining – shut down landfills as potential raw materials stocks 

Shut down landfills are potential raw materials stocks of the future. In the medium term, there will be shortages in the raw materials supply of the European industry. According to the opinion of most experts, the general tendency of increasing raw materials prices will continue. Thus, the wastes deposited in existing landfills are increasingly becoming interesting as raw materials.

The cost-intensive aftercare for shut down landfills over a long period is not to be underestimated. Partial utilisation of deposited wastes as raw materials reduces the remaining landfill volume, the risks arising therefrom, and the aftercare costs required in the future.

Landfill mining is the targeted renaturation of old landfills with the objective of gaining materially and energetically utilisable raw materials and substantially reducing the hazard potential of the remaining landfill quantity.

ECO WORLD STYRIA, together with FA 19D – Province of Styria and the University of Leoben, take up this future-oriented subject and set a substantial main project focus for 2012. The project was started by holding a technology roundtable, where the contents of the pre-project were discussed with responsible representatives of the Styrian technology companies and landfill operators. Subsequently, a project consortium will be founded and the main subjects determined.

With the new findings gained, the Styrian companies and organisations involved are to achieve technology leadership in the area of landfill mining and thus take the international pioneering role.

For further questions on the subject of landfill mining, please contact ECO WORLD STYRIA, Ms DI Sabine Seiler at or +43(0)316-407744 18.