Heating specialist KWB has recently brokeninto the Canadian market and will deliver its first wood chip and pellet heating systems overseas by the end of the year. The potential with the new Canadian distributor is enormous.

Market entry into Canada has developed very satisfactorily for KWB, as it was able to team up with an expert in the field of heating boilers, ESIM Green Heating Solutions, which has a dense distribution and service network all over the country. The company was also able to successfully adapt its KWB Multifire pellets and wood chip boilers to Canadian standards and recently received the official certification up to 100kW. These heating boilers are suitable for single and multi-family houses, commercial establishments, and even smaller local district heating installations.

Sales of biomass heating will initially be concentrated on the two largest and most populated provinces of Quebec and Ontario in eastern Canada, where a total of almost 20 million people live. Although Canada is known as a country with one of the most abundant levels of forestry, there are over 300,000 heating boilers in the above mentioned provinces still using electricity, gas or oil. Only in recent years has thinking started to change here and the potential of environmentally friendly and renewable fuel from local forests is slowly becoming recognised.

KWB Managing Director, Erwin Stubenschrott, is very upbeat. “For us, Canada as a country in the North American continent represents a real growth market with huge potential. The path across the border into the United States is also not so far away.”

Source: KWB Biomasseheizungen / August 2014 , the original text can be found here: