Komptech-machines safe 30-75 % energy 

A new era has started for Komptech: Green Efficiency stands for new technologies with a significantly higher energy efficiency than already existing machines and systems according to the state of the art. It’s not without reason that the sun-symbol has been chosen as new logo for technical development.

Saving energy is “in” – also the European Union has dedicated itself to this guiding theme. Until 2020, the amount of renewable energies as well as energy efficiency shall increase by 20 per cent, respectively, while CO2 emissions at the same time shall be decreased by 20 per cent. After a development work of approximately two years, Komptech can present its answer to this challenge: Green Efficiency, that’s the new umbrella brand which shall represent this future-oriented development step.

The sun-symbol was deliberately chosen as logo: The energy provided by the sun shall be utilised with the highest possible energy efficiency and the lowest possible impairment of the environment. From Komptech’s point of view, several advantages are combined with the Green-Efficiency-Technology. A greater efficiency regarding drive, comminution or product discharge is in the first place, which is implemented via the energy efficiency or fuel savings. There will be no compromises regarding throughput rate, functionality and the range of applications – also here, the new technology ensures highest efficiency.

Fewer emissions by means of the latest emission control technology, but also less development of noise are further aims belonging to the concept of Green Efficiency, as well as the increased use of renewable sources of energy. For this reason, the “interiors” of the machines instead of the type designation play the decisive role – labels with the sun-logo are the sign of the new efficiency technology. With the newly developed mobile macerator Crambo direct (types 4200, 5200 and 6200) and the Cribus-drum sieve machine powered by electricity (types 2800, 3800 and 5000) as well as the stationary Terminator direct, several machineries in the current Komptech programme already dispose of the new technology – and others will follow.

The electrical drive of Cribus, gained via the integrated diesel generator or the electricity grid, promises a lower energy consumption of up to 75 per cent compared to similar, diesel-hydraulically driven drum sieve machines. The production series of the Terminator direct disposes of an electromotor with a mechanical gear showing two manually switchable gears with reversing programmes and overload protection. Also in this case, a by 30 % lower consumption can be expected.

The diesel engine of the new Crambo direct, equipped with the latest exhaust gas technology EGR (SCR) according to level 3b, shows a newly developed mechanic gear with automatic switching equipment, which also decreases consumption by up to 30 %. Impressive results bringing along a significantly lower environmental load besides considerably lower operating costs – Green Efficiency in its best form! !

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Source and photo: Komptech GmbH

Crambo 6200 direct