Inventive spirit, synergies and advanced knowledge are the building blocks of the success for ECO companies in the Green Tech Valley Styria 

A new, worldwide expert and patent analysis indicates that Styria, in terms of economic performance, has an around 6-fold concentration of experts in all areas of environmental engineering. As a comparison: Austria 3.5-fold concentration, EU 2-fold concentration of experts worldwide.

Furthermore, the analysis revealed a distinctive cooperation and synergy potential between the Styrian environmental engineering companies and research centres. And with the extraordinary dynamism of 15-20 % of know-how growth per year, Styria is a true hot spot for environmental engineering.

The objective ECO is pursuing with new offers is to be able to use these factors and the Europe-wide second-highest research quota of 4.3 % of the GRP and to implement them into further innovative clean-tech solutions: on the one hand, in spring, the Cleantech Innovators’ Club was founded together with the Styrian Industrialists’ Association and Graz University of Technology. In this extremely well received new forum, research and economy find fertile impulses for joint new projects.

On the other hand, ECO WORLD STYRIA has recently developed an extraordinary toolkit for its member companies. With 10 technology roadmaps, 180 hand-picked future technologies, 100 current research topics and several selection tools, the companies receive an even better insight into technology developments and market chances resulting therefrom.

Matching these activities, the slogan “Green Tech Valley? Yes, please!”, which was presented at the ECO – Future Workshop 2011 for the first time, as intensification of the known “Nuclear Power? No, thank you!”, set a successful course into a more environment- and climate-friendly future.

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Source: ECO WORLD Magazine, May 2011