International success for BDI – BioEnergy with RetroFit 

(Grambach, 02.02.2012) BDI – BioEnergy International AG has obtained an engineering order for retrofitting a biodiesel plant. A well-known American biodiesel producer has commissioned BDI to plan the revamping and optimisation of an existing biodiesel plant in the northern USA.

This commission shows that BDI technologies are in increasing demand on the US market. The company has had its own representative in the USA since 2009 and is positioning itself very successfully there. The customer was particularly impressed by BDI’s skills in the processing of difficult raw materials and in the implementation of biodiesel distillation processes. Carrying out the RetroFit programme on large existing plants will increase raw material flexibility and guarantee biodiesel quality. The aim of this project is to enable the plant to operate on the basis of both high-quality vegetable oils and raw materials of lower quality like used cooking oil and animal fat. Biodiesel distillation makes sure that the quality of the biodiesel produced remains consistently high, even when the quality of the raw materials is lower. The production plant in the USA has been operated with local technology up to now.

“We are starting to enjoy the benefits of the work we have been doing on the American market with this commission. RetroFit is our programme for the revamping and optimisation of existing biodiesel plants. It makes sense not only because of the introduction of increasingly strict biodiesel standards but also because it improves quality, efficiency and raw material flexibility. We have already demonstrated our international capabilities in this area repeatedly in the commissions we have completed successfully in the past”, explains Edgar Ahn, Chief Sales Officer at BDI.

BDI produced biodiesel from used cooking oil for the first time as long ago as 1994 and is considered to be an expert in this field. BDI is the world’s leading technology supplier in the processing of animal fat too. Thanks to RetroFit from BDI, existing plants can be renovated and optimised and, as a result, return to profitable operation, irrespective of the biodiesel technology involved.

About BDI – BioEnergy International AG
BDI – BioEnergy International AG is market and technology leader in the construction of customised BioDiesel plants using the Multi-Feedstock Technology the company has developed itself, which can manufacture BioDiesel from different raw materials, such as Vegetable Oils, Used Cooking Oils and Animal Fats.
BDI has specialised in the development of technologies that make optimum use of resources in the industrial processing of by- and waste products ever since it was established in 1996 and owns an extensive patent portfolio that has resulted from its in-house research and development activities. As a leading constructor of special plants, BDI also supplies efficient plant concepts in the Waste to Energy field that are designed to produce BioGas from industrial and municipal waste and to obtain high-quality Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The range of services includes public authority, basic and detailed engineering, installation and start-up as well as after-sales support.
BDI – BioEnergy International AG and the companies it consolidates currently have 140 employees. The shares in BDI – BioEnergy International AG (ISIN AT0000A02177) are listed in the Prime Standard/Regulated Market at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Source of information: BDI BioEnergy International AG / 02.02.2012
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