Intelligent recycling plant for Malaysia 

From mid 2017 onwards, the plant at the Seberang Perai site in Penang, China, will process around 300,000 refrigerators and up to 60,000 tonnes of e-scrap from private households, such as washing machines, household appliances and ICT appliances, such as computers.

The central element of the recycling system is the QZ 2000 cross-flow shredder from ANDRITZ MeWa. In contrast to multi-stage, cutting technologies, rotating chains break down the various components and materials in a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The digested parts can subsequently be easily separated into individual fractions, such as, iron, copper, aluminium and plastics. In addition, batteries and capacitors remain intact and can be sorted out without losing any harmful substances. When processing refrigeration and air-conditioning devices, the enclosed system ensures that exhaust gases, such as CFCs and pentane, can be extracted and disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

With this first automatic processing plant for refrigerators and e-scrap in Malaysia, Shan Poornam Metals is taking an important step towards establishing and expanding the Malaysian recycling industry. Over the next five years, 86 scrap collecting centres for e-scrap will be created as part of a subsidised program and will ensure continuous utilisation of the new recycling plant.




Dr. Michael Buchbauer
Head of Corporate Communications