Innovative PV-components from Isovoltaic 

ISOVOLTAIC have further developed their already globally successfully used backing films using Polyamid and with the ICOSOLAR® 3G product line can offer an excellent price-/performance ratio. The 3rd generation backing films with Polymid are now achieving a global triumph.

ICOSOLAR® APA 3G is UL recognized and TÜV design tested and has already been certified by various module manufacturers for use with their modules.In February 2013 ICOSOLAR® FPA 3G and ICOSOLAR® TPA 3G were also certified for the Japanese market with the JET Component Registration. A certification, which besides the successful completion of strict compliance tests also includes auditing of the production processes and -environment.

In accordance with the IEC 61215 standard, the certification of solar modules prescribes a weathering of 1000 hours of Damp-Heat test. However, this did not satisfy ISOVOLTAIC. The benchmark for ICOSOLAR® products lies at 3500 hours of damp-heat. A test which was passed without delamination, blisters, folds or tears.

Thus the relevant public certification institutions as well as the stability- and quality tests which are constantly being performed by ISOVOLTAIC confirm the excellent properties of ICOSOLAR® products. Globally, this ensures the company´s customers a quick and simple certification.


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