ICS Energietechnik Building 7.2 Megawatt CHP Plant for 12 Million Euros in Eastern Frisia 

The Kumberg-based company ICS Energietechnik is currently building a 7.2 megawatt biomass combined heat and power station which will be used to heat 30 hectares of greenhouse area in and around the Eastern Frisian “flower capital” of Wiesmoor. Special flash chambers in the furnace will reduce emission considerably. Via the steam turbine and the turbo generator, an additional 2 megawatts of green electricity will be fed in the local power supply system. For this, ICS uses newly developed high-performance economisers which considerably increase the share of electric power generation. The fuel material for this is to be taken mainly from regional landscape preservation. With a 13-year heat delivery contract, the market gardens secure, in addition to environmentally compatible heating, long-term planning security with regard to the heating bills as well. The project with an investment volume of 12 million Euros will presumably still be completed at the end of 2011, and in addition to being the project planner, ICS Energietechnik is also the majority shareholder of the CHP plant. For more information, go to ICS Energietechnik GmbH.