Higher growth due to Eco-innovations 

Environment-innovation pays off, this is proven by the companies in the Cluster ECO WORLD STYRIA: In 2012, the more innovative companies of the cluster could grow by 15.7 %.This year alone, ECO could co-initiate new R&D projects in an amount of 26 million €. With more than 15 global technology leaders, Styria is internationally considered to be a “Green Tech Valley” and attracts international companies and TV stations like Euronews, ARTE and South Korea-TV.

The results of the annual turnover survey at the approximately 170 cluster companies of ECO WORLD STYRIA are available: “The total turnover in the amount of 10,17 billion € comprises 3,58 billion € pure environment engineering turnover, in the year 2012, it grew with 4.6 %. The average research and development quota of the sector amounts to 4.6 %. Those companies with research activities above average could even increase their turnover by 15.7 % in 2012”, explains cluster manager Bernhard Puttinger.

„Environment technology is firmly established as an area of strength in the economic strategy and current figures show that dynamics is still possible here. Styria is the European Entrepreneurial Region 2013, and with the success of the environment engineering companies it can impressively prove that growth due to innovation is possible”, says the Member of the Styrian Provincial Government for Economy, Christian Buchmann.

In the first half of 2013, ECO WORLD STYRIA could already co-initiate a dozen of cooperative innovation projects in an amount of 26 million €, for instance the “Technologie Round Tables” or the “Cleantech Innovators Club”. In this respect, for instance, an innovative process for the storage of energy with biomass was developed which is now jointly tested by three Styrian technology-companies. In the annual survey, 61 % of the cluster companies stated that they have developed technologically “better” than the global competitors, 39 % say “equally well”.

Thus, Styria as Green Tech Valley is internationally on the fast track – with more environment technology leaders within a one hour’s drive than anywhere else. In the last weeks, several Italian environment engineering start-ups have located themselves in Graz. And TV-stations like Euronews, ARTE and in the near future also South Korea-TV report on these developments in the Green Tech Valley.

„With approximately 7 %, the growth prognosis of Styrian companies for 2013 indicates an increasing environment engineering growth. The number of environment engineering employees in the cluster companies amounts to 17,870, an increase of 0.1 %. With 83 %, the export rate is still on a very high level”, says Puttinger conclusively.