Growing Green Tech Valley to 2020! 

9 September 5.00 pm, on a sunny evening: The Styrian environmental technology industry have gathered for the annual reception of the ECO WORLD STYRIA cluster in the newly opened Aiola im Schloss restaurant in Graz. 170 guests have come to find out how the new ECO cluster strategy will be implemented up to 2020. In their opening comments regional Ministers Christian Buchmann and Johann Seitinger with City Councillor for Finance Gerhard Rüsch stressed that environmental technology in particular has made Styria into the second strongest economic region in Europe, and they wish to expand this further.

“Above all, the new ECO cluster strategy has an international orientation”, highlighted Sabine Seiler for ECO WORLD STYRIA during the presentation of the new strategy: “Over the next five years, we will put specific measures in place, which ensure Green Tech Valley is no. 1 in one of the three focus areas: Green Energy, Green Building and Green Resources.” The Rector of Graz University of Technology, Harald Kainz, further stated that “Cooperating with each other in these areas and nurturing our living spirit of innovation, gives us the opportunity for further growth.”

The outlook for growth opportunities in these areas was also presented by Andreas Säumel (Mayer Entsorgung), Rolf-Dietrich Thomas (KIC InnoEnergy Germany) and Herbert Köpplinger (Network of Automotive Excellence). Mr Thomas also noted “At KIC InnoEnergy Germany, we are keen to give you support if you have a new innovation in energy and environmental technology.” Burghard Kaltenbeck, CEO of the Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG personally drew attention to the current “Worlds Ahead” call for R & D, which is open until September 30.

The evening reached a special climax when the assembled cluster partners formed the new Green Tech Valley icon design from 120 cube seats. The reception marked the first steps on the path to sustainable green growth to 2020.

Dr. Christian Buchmann, Ing. Bernhard Puttinger

DI Helmut Wiedenhofer, Ing. Gerd Holzschlag

Mag. Claus Tüchler, Univ.-Prof. DI DDr. Harald Kainz


Dr. Edgar Ahn, mag. Gerhard Ziehenberger,, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Karl Grabner

DI Dr. Werner Prutsch, Mag. Andrea Keimel

Ing. Bernhard Puttinger, MBA

Dr. Gerhard Rüsch

Johann Seitinger

Dr. Christan Buchmann

DI Sabine Seiler

Dr. Harld Kainz, Ing. Bernhard Puttinger, MBA, Adreas Säumel, DI Rolf-Dietrich Thomas, DI kfm. Herbert Köpplinger

Dr. Burghard Kaltenbeck

Ing. Arnold Stengg