Green Tech Valley

World`s 1st in Green Tech

The Green Tech Valley

The Green Tech Valley is located in and around Graz, Austria and is home to 200 companies and research institutions working and researching in the area of green technologies and innovations as part of the Green Tech Cluster. With 20 global technology leaders the region of Styria provides the world’s highest concentration in the areas of bioenergy, solar energy, waste and resource management & green buildings within the radius of an hour’s drive.

This is the global hotspot for advanced energy and environmental technologies and proven growth through innovation. Businesses in the Green Tech Valley are growing almost twice as rapidly as world markets and have created more than 1,000 jobs per year since establishment of the cluster in 2005.

This innovative capacity has consistently placed the Green Tech Valley as the worldwide No. 1 green tech cluster in all the rankings to date.


Green Pioneers grow faster

This hotspot of innovation was started over 100 years ago by the Styrian inventor Viktor Kaplan who developed his novel water turbine in 1913. Ever since then the region, which is known as the “green heart of Europe”, has always been synonymous with innovative, forward-thinking enterprises that are committed to environmental technology. Today, cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Green Energy, Green Building, Green Resources and Green Efficiency are being generated, bundling the scientific and economic strengths of innovative enterprises and research institutions.

Styria is an excellent and fertile breeding ground for research and development. With an R&D quota of 4.8 %, it is one of Europe’s top three regions and has held a leading position over the last decade. Since the cluster was created in 2005, Green Tech Valley companies have grown at a rate of 14 % annually, almost twice as fast as the average annual rate of around 8 % for global markets. 94 % of this innovative output is exported in global markets.