With the opening the biggest solar plant for a producing industrial enterprise at the Göss brewery in Leoben / Austria at the beginning of September, a new chapter in the success story of Austrian technology development has been written.

The collector array with a size of 1,375m² and with an output of approx. 1MWth provides the mashing process with about 400MWh of solar heat each year. Thus, a solar fraction of about 30% is achieved, and more than 95 tons of CO2 per year can be saved. Subsequently, at two locations of the Heineken Group in Spain (Valencia) and Portugal (Vialonga), further megawatt solar plants will be erected with Austrian knowhow next year.
Multiplier effect of the “Green Brewery”

Since all breweries and malthouses basically have similar energy supply structures, realising the demonstration plants, a multiplier effect within the sector is expected. With an accompanying monitoring programme, comprehensive implementation and operating experience is to be gained. The Heineken Group, with more than 130 breweries worldwide, is planning to include the results of solar process integration as well as technical measurement studies into training measures in order to further advance the group-wide implementation of the concept. Thus, it is possible to take another step in the establishment of Austrian knowhow in the area of sustainable solar technologies.