Graz School of Chemical Engineering presents projects in the area of waste management and environment 

Project presentation 2012
of the College for Chemistry at Graz School of Chemical Engineering

The variety of subjects reflects the wide spectrum of the training and the possibilities for professional application. In cooperation with economy, research institutes and public institutions, the students deal with current subjects in practice and theory.

Waste management and environmental subjects were the focus in some of the projects. Thus, for example, in cooperation with the Environmental Agency of Graz, a comparison of the measuring methods for fine dust was elaborated and also substantiated in practice. For the company Saubermacher Dienstleistungs GmbH, selected waste flows were analysed in order to be able to determine respective recycling tracks according to the current waste management law. Further project partners in this area were the company BDI – BioEnergy International AG, the Environmental Laboratory of the province of Styria, the company Bioenergy2020+, as well as the professional fire brigade of the city of Graz.

In cooperation with the working group Renewable Raw Materials at the Institute for Chemistry of Karl Franzens University of Graz, various analysis methods were tested, which can determine the stability of biodiesel, i.e. the ageing behaviour of biodiesel. For the company Mondi Frantschach GmbH, the starch determination in paper machine water cycles was optimised such that savings in the chemicals to be used could be achieved.

A project at the Institute for Chemical Technology of Materials at Graz University of Technology was dealing with the further development of lithium-ion batteries for wide temperature ranges. In cooperation with the company Varta Micro Innovation GmbH, the subject of “Lithium-sulphur batteries compared to lithium-ion batteries” was an interesting task.

In the area of fundamental research, the students were able to contribute their work, the preparation of metallic nano-layers, as part of an ongoing research project at the Centre for Electron Microscopy in Graz. There also was a valuable contribution to research results at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of the Medical University with an Analysis of the Variants of Micro-RNA 137 from data about 900 test persons.

Applied research is interesting for many companies. Thus, for the company Cytec Austria GmbH, a computer-aided colour formulation of gel coats, e.g. for swimming pools, was elaborated.

In terms of quality control, for the company Lafarge Zementwerke GmbH, the test methods for investigation of the quality of micro-concrete could be further developed. The project work at G.L. Pharma was dealing with the active agent release from a solid drug. Here, following extensive literature research, preliminary work for the development of a generic was undertaken.

Source: Graz School for Chemical Engineering/News 1007.2012
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