Graz is a new centre for green energy in the city network 

In the end of January, Graz became the centre for over 50 partner cities across the whole of Europe for environmentally-friendly and sustainable city development. At the launch event of the“Green Energy Committee”, the city of Graz took over the chair in cooperation with ECO, as part of the European “Club de Strasbourg” city partnership, acting as the starting impetus for economic and scientific cooperation in the environmental field.

Europe’s cities are growing very rapidly and have similar developments and challenges in many areas. The Club de Strasbourg has been bringing together more than 50 partner cities for around 10 years in specialised groups to develop concepts and solutions for urban issues.

In the end of january, mayors and city developers from the whole of Europe will come to Graz for the first time to exchange experiences, gather know-how and jointly look for new solutions in the environmental field. As the centre of the Green Tech Valley, which has the highest concentration of environmental technology companies and research establishments in the world, Graz offers excellent conditions to the environmental experts for the development of innovative solutions. The Styrian environmental technology cluster ECO WORLD STYIA supports the city of Graz.

The concrete objectives of the new “Green Energy Committee“ include learning from the successful activities of the participating cities in the field of renewable energy in urban areas so as to implement them elsewhere. Central cooperation and solution approaches will be developed in particular in the fields of energy efficiency, intelligent public transport and Smart City initiatives. “We will also use the networking in the Green Energy Committee in a targeted way to prepare joint research projects,” says Graz Mayor Siegfried Nagl. “Graz can develop further towards a Smart City and give people even better quality of life.”

Graz has grown in the last 10 years from 220,000 to 270,000 inhabitants and the current predictions foresee a further growth of 40,000 residents in the coming decade. In order to counter the anticipated developments in Graz associated with this expansion, energy efficiency in the municipal buildings has been steadily increased by energy conservation projects and the development of alternative energy. The conversion of Graz´s traffic light installations to LED technology led on its own to a reduction of 75% in electricity usage and a cost saving of around 340,000 euros per year. Graz is the home of Austria’s only Smart City flagship project. Further solution approaches and cross-cutting strategies for the urban environment are expected from this new cooperation in the “Green Energy” area.

Information on the project: Christian Köberl MA, ECO WORLD STYRIA,
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