Global R & D headquarters moves to the Green Tech Valley 

(Graz, September 9, 2014) Well placed to be the leader in advanced biomass energy technology, a pioneer in sustainable building or world champions in recycling, the Styrian environmental engineering cluster, ECO WORLD STYRIA, has set a clear target for 2020: to be the world leader in one of these three focus areas. Thus underpinning and sustaining Green Tech Valley´s position as the world´s no. 1 address for environmental innovation.

New ECO-cluster growth strategy targets environmental innovation
International group relocates global R & D headquarters in Styria
Environmental technology is a key area of strength of the Styrian economy and is one of three main themes in the business strategy Styria 2020. As Christian Buchmann, Provincial Minister of Economy emphasises: “Domestic companies are constantly developing new products and services and therefore redefining boundaries both mentally and physically. Many Styrian environmental technology companies are amongst the world leaders and ECO WORLD STYRIA has been elected twice as the world´s foremost environmental technology cluster. With the new strategy, the cluster establishes further initiatives for innovation and internationalisation and as a consequence for added value and employment in Styria”.

1 – 10 – 100, the new ECO-cluster strategy
“We have more than met our previous objectives for 2010-2015 in achievement or time scale: In concrete terms that means an increase of 4,500 employees in Styrian environmental companies to a total of almost 20,000, a doubling of the technology leaders in the location and a high international awareness of the cluster activities,” noted Bernhard Puttinger, CEO of ECO WORLD STYRIA, at the press conference in Graz on 9 September.

ECO WORLD STYRIA has developed the new strategy “Green Tech Growth ´20” in a multi-stage, participatory process with companies, research, administration and international experts. The objective is to be the worldwide no. 1 in the defined focus areas, initiate 10 product innovations and 100 innovation projects by 2020.

New R & D headquarters in Styria
The international Secop group, an expert on energy efficient compressors for refrigeration equipment, has now relocated its global research and development to Austria. As a result the new global R & D headquarters for locations such as Germany, Slovakia and China is now located in Fürstenfeld, Styria. This opens up real opportunities to produce new products on site.

For Rudolf Lang, director of the new Secop R & D Headquarters: “The decisive factors for us to manage our research activities from the Green Tech Valley were the cooperative environment, the strong partner network, the high level of expertise in development and innovative mind-set.”
And as Christian Buchmann concludes: “The arrival of the Secop R & D Headquarters is further evidence of the international leading position of Styria as environmental location”.

About Secop
Secop is a global company and a leader in energy efficient compressors for refrigeration equipment. The headquarters of the company is located in Flensburg, Germany, with additional locations in Austria, Slovakia and China. Currently the research centre is being moved from Flensburg to Fürstenfeld in Styria.

Green Tech Valley – the world´s no. 1 address for advanced environmental technologies
Styria is increasingly being recognised in expert circles as the Green Tech Valley and a centre for green innovation with more than 20 leaders in global technology closely concentrated in one area. 160 companies and research institutions work in the ECO WORLD STYRIA environmental technology cluster on the leading innovations of tomorrow; in biomass, building and recycling technology. And since the cluster came into being they have grown on average by 15% per year; much faster than the world markets at about 9% per year. The companies generated revenues of € 3.55 billion in 2013 purely with environmental technology, and an export quota of over 90%.

Press photo: “The ECO WORLD STYRIA cluster is continuously promoting Styria as the no. 1 address for environmental technology: from the left Bernhard Puttinger (CEO, ECO WORLD STYRIA), Dr. Christian Buchmann (Regional minister of Economy, Europe and Culture), Rudolf Lang Ing. (Director of Secop R & D Headquarters)”
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