From waste glass to thermal insulating material 

With three production sites in Germany as well as one production site in Austria, GEOCELL Schaumglas GmbH is one of the leading producers of foam glass gravel in Europe. With the completion of a glass mill at the site Gaspoltshofen (Upper Austria), the producer of foam glass gravel strengthens his position as market leader and processes Austrian waste glass at the same time.

From the jam jar to foam glass gravel
In order to produce foam glass gravel, the raw material consisting of packaging glass first has to be freed from impurities and then grinded to glass flour. Subsequently, the glass flour is foamed up in specific oven facilities. The finished foam glass stones consist of 99 % glass and plenty of air, which is finally responsible for the excellent characteristics of the building material: light weight and heat insulation.

Initial situation:
Before constructing the plant, glass flour as raw material was bought in addition. In 2012, GEOCELL decided to build its own glass flour-production plant in order to become independent from the market and from suppliers. Thus, the raw material supply should be guaranteed.

Description of the project/plant:
The glass flour plant with a feeding capacity of 6 tons broken waste glass per hour basically consists of the materials store incl. raw material feeding, the drying- and grinding plant as well as the sieve- and classifying plant.

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